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OPENING TIMESTuesday – Saturday 10 am – 6.30 pm
OPENING TIMES Tue – Sat 10 am – 6.30 pm
Calle caotorta 3562 - 30124 san marco (VE)


Collection “Dimanche Matin” 1992

To celebrate the festive beauty of this glass art serie, The Archimede Seguso’s Museum Foundation has published a “Quaderno” exclusively dedicated to it. You can find it for sale in our Gallery or, in the free digital version, at this link.

The “Dimanche Matin” or “Raggi” Collection represents a one-off in the Master’s production; it is characterized by the use of murrina, very rare in the Archimede Seguso glassworks archives. The murrina is made up of rays of color, and it is precisely from this characteristic that the “second name” of the Collection now exhibited in the Gallery derives.
Where did the inspiration come from? We know that Maestro Seguso was very sensitive to the trends of time and absorbed every stimulus of the reality around him. As we read in “Quaderno 17” of “I Quaderni di Archimede Seguso”. The inspiration may have come from the Redentore fireworks, traditional Venetian feast celebrated on the third Sunday of July, or from the ornaments in the Louis XIV style, or simply from the “ease and [the] grace with which chance favors the harmonious development of [my] inventions”. Here the author of the text, Gr. Uff. Gino Seguso, takes a passage from the novel “Il Fuoco” by Gabriele D’Annunzio, where he talks about the Seguso. What is found in Archimede Seguso’s collections is the creativity of the genius who grew up in Beauty, materialized with highly trained manual skills.