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The Archimede Seguso Gallery in Venice would like to inaugurate Spring this year with the presentation of a part of the Murano glass works from the “Opaline” collection created by Master Archimede Seguso in the 1950s.
It includes rare objects of incredible beauty: vases, bowls, baskets of exquisite workmanship and of course the animals, for its skill in the execution of which Archimede is considered “the Master of Animals”. As he loved to repeat to his loyal customers, he created these figures and all kinds of objects to give happiness to those who admired them and in fact, it will be a coincidence, but his animals always smile: joy is contagious.

At the time of the creation of this collection, Archimede had recently opened the new furnace in Fondamenta Serenella 18, where it is still located today. He anticipates the fashion of the period which is perfectly reflected in his Murano glass artworks: in the ribbed vases and bowls, embellished with gold leaves; in the gold of the details; in the sinuous but imposing forms of the sculptures. What stands out, however, is the timelessness and anticipation in the world of fashion, colors; the beauty of the works and the perfection of execution complete the picture. Maestro Seguso created works of his time but always with a vision of the future.

We want to pay homage to his genius with an exhibition that shows the classic Seguso but that demonstrates how, even today, 70 years after their creation, his works are fashionable.

The exhibition will be hosted in the “Galleria di Archimede Seguso” in Venice, in Calle Caotorta 3562, San Marco (VE).

Due to the passage of the Veneto region into the red zone, we are forced to postpone the opening until a later date. Follow us to stay informed!